- So, can you ship our custom furniture if we don't live near by? You bet!

- I saw something in your store, can you make it in custom size?Yep!

- Do you offer delivery to the  Chicagoland area? Sure do! .

- I'm not sure exactly what I want, but have an idea. Can you help me design a piece of handcrafted furniture?Absolutely!

- How long does it take to design and create a custom piece of furniture?Depends on the actual project, give us a call!

- Can you hand craft furniture and incorporate metal?We sure can. We work with a phenomenal metal fabricator.

- Do you re-finish furniture?No, sorry, but we do know some guys that do, give them a call ---->elite

- What woods do I have to choose from when you make my unique piece of  furniture?Some species of wood are more appropriate than others for specific uses. We can discuss what type of wood might be the most appropriate for your piece of furniture during designing.

Can you deliver Custom Made Furniture in Crystal Lake?Yes we can.

Can you work with my designer, architect, contractor?Yes. We have worked with many of the area’s designers, architects and builders. We support them in their efforts, providing the expertise on woodworking and furniture making. We can be a valuable resource in situations where they are looking to incorporate a piece into an odd space, with a specific finish or look, or when they aren’t quite sure how to accomplish something like a bookcase, cabinet or other piece.

Frequently Asked Questions