3314 Pearl St. McHenry, IL                                                815.403.2020

All of the furniture is designed and created by me, Jason Rodrigue.  I am a New Orleans native who moved to McHenry after meeting my amazing wife Amy, who grew up in Mchenry.  We've since had 4 beautiful children (Issy,Olive, Eli, and Ellie).
I am predominately a self-taught furniture designer and fabricator. I have always had a passion for woodworking and it has given me a chance to channel my creativity.

I recently started working with a remarkable metal fabricator, Josh Benkert from a local business named Dead Hoarse, and we are designing pieces together and having a blast.
As our pieces sell it creates a new space for another unique furniture piece to be built. I thrive on the opportunity to continuously create new one-off designs. In addition to our furniture we do sell a few local artists prints and paintings and are about to start offering custom sofas and chairs.